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7/27/15 Working HPC 1200 With Calibration Kit Includes 4 Cutters and Cards Willing to Ship.
7/28/15 Want to trade a hpc 1200pch for a hpc 1200cmb the pch is in great shape and has all dies and cards contact me at 9132151479 or ask for Ronny
7/30/15 I have an Advanced Diagnostic T-Code Pro Key Programmer with the Master Package. This includes all software till 2015, and all dongles, along with a Nissan and Hyundai pin-code reader. Brand new, hardly used. Email:
7/30/15 Wanted to buy a Keymak key punch for A2 IC in good condition. Email to:
7/31/15 Used HPC Blitz 1200 Key code machine. Looks almost new. 120 cards. CW1011 cutter still in wax. Also has CW14MC wheel. $1150 Shipped. 5732569921
8/3/15 Hello, I'm looking for an Tibbe adaptor for the 3d pro or pro extreme(same adaptor) Thanks guys! Email or call 321 356 1354 thanks
8/3/15 Looking to sell HPC Blitz 1200 key cutter, with book and wheels. Schlage blue punch, Rytan Key duplicator, with 12 volt motor. Loads and loads of LAB pin sets, Many key blanks.Other hardware also. Looking to sell as a lot price. Call 714-222-792
8/3/15 Looking to purchase a used Framon 2 Code Machine, 120 volt, in the $800 range. Steve, 303-489-3955,
8/3/15 Mint condition hardly used HPC 9180MC $425.00 OBO
8/3/15 Wanted I need a tibbe adaptor for a 3d pro machine. Call 321 356 1354 or email
8/4/15 Best Lock Big Red Combinator to cut Small Format Interchangeable Core keys by Code $800. Most Robust key punch machine I know of. OEM Equipment. 5732569921
8/4/15 Pro Lok Blue Punch Machine BP201SC For Schlage $700 plus shipping 5732892998
8/4/15 Pak a Punch with ten key vices and two different punches. Cuts GM, Ford, Chrysler and some Mitsubishi and Some Nissan. Has 90 degree and 88 degree cutter. Brand new. $750. 5732569921
8/4/15 RYTAN key duplicator. It is a 12 volt set up to work from van or car battery. Great shape. call 714-222-7922
8/4/15 Looking for Strong Arm drill rig or lockmaster Bullet drill rig for safe work. Email jeff @
8/10/15 Ilco 008A Mini Mite Key Cutter - Duplicator Machine Runs good, cuts good, blade is sharp. Make your own keys or great for on the road out of your van key making. will throw in 1 pound of misc blanks (car, house, etc..)can send pics. $285 free ship
8/10/15 Rytan RY100 Semi-Automatic Key Duplicator. Great shape. This is the duplicator to have! Cutter is extremely sharp and looks new. $450 plus shipping. 5732569921
8/10/15 Looking for someone with info on how to repair caliberate a Barnes pc plus code machine need help
8/12/15 Used mvp pro for sale for $1160. Comes with cables and dongles, calculator, carrying case, instruction binder. There are no tokens left on on it. Text me at 832-389-9153
8/12/15 Entire locksmith shop for sale 2 3rd pro extreme code machines, 1 Bianchi 994 high security code machine,3 silca bravo 3's semi auto key machines 15000 key blanks 5000 transponder keys,7 key programmers,to much to mention,
8/12/15 HPC Blitz 1200CMB in great shape. CW1011, CW14MC & CW20FM cutting wheels included. Wheel wrenches and red tip-stop included. 160 copies of code cards included (copies, as in not original). All for $1100 shipped. 5732569921 Originate Some Keys!!
8/13/15 new Keedex Wafer Reader for sale. It has a combo mini camera, LED light, & wafer reader probe, all attached to a USB interface. As the wafer reader is withdrawn from the lock and each wafer is released, a pic can be taken.
8/15/15 ONLY $1200 FOR ALL OBO! HPC 1200CM Key Code machine includes manual and 82 cards, Star Safe Head & Star Safe Head Repair in box, and much, much more. Email: for complete list. Must pay shipping
8/15/15 Wanted to buy Silca Ilco Tricode HS or Keyline 994 key machine, and EZ Flasher.
8/18/15 Just sold building and must sell 60 year old business, have owned for over 19 years. Multiple key machines, hand tools, inventory. Full van.25k in inventory. 2 phone #'s. Last 3 years of gross sales between 168k- 188k. Time to retire. gtda7314@aol
8/20/15 The Punch Machine™ is based on HPC's "Standard of the Industry" Original Blitz™ code machine. It comes with 104 code cards (including 4 micrometer cards) and 3 punch & die sets. $1500
8/20/15 WANTED WANTED BRAVO 2 Bravo 2 Duplicator!!!! good condition Text 419-490-3600 or Email
8/21/15 used ilco 027a key machine for sale $150.00
8/21/15 We are outfitting another van and are looking for equipment. We need a pinning kit (.003) HPC 1200, key duplicator, and assorted tools and equipment to outfit a van. Will buy piece by piece or as a unit if priced right. Thank You. keyman157@att.
8/21/15 I have a 3kcc cole cutting machine and a number of blank keys some Disney NBA ect.
8/21/15 59 Residential and Commercial HPC 1200 Cards. $150+shipping firm. 5732569921 Cards include Best, Schlage, KWIKSET, Medeco, etc.
8/25/15 Keymark Blue Punch. Like new condition $750. Pak a punch with Ford, GM,Chrysler and Mitsubishi and Nissan key vices $600. 5732569921
8/25/15 Looking to buy full set of cards for HPC Blitz. Originals not copies. 602-500-2411 or
8/27/15 Looking for auto pinning kits from 1990's and earlier year, restarting a business for older automotive. Also looking for older auto locks for future stock. Have most everything else I need.