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9/27/16 Skp900 key programmer fore sale 450$ possible trade
10/5/16 Blue Punch.Keymark Key Punch for Keymark keys. Punches perfectly. 301 788 5716 or email I can send pics.
10/5/16 Want To Buy - Tibbe Key machine either a Delta FO or a Bianchi Falcon... Please contact me 573-645-4001
10/5/16 I am 3D Pro for sale have two jaws high security and regular key jaw Working 100%good,price $3000,original price from factor y more of $6000
10/5/16 Looking to buy Strong Arm Mini rig, Auto Dialer, safe tools etc. Also, Dmax and AccuReaders. Contact Jonathan 850-491-1943 text
10/13/16 FS: Aero Lock Tryout Set TO-102 DA34 spaces 3-10 $200, Set TO-99 TR47 spaces 1-8 $200. (45) Transponder keys for Chrysler, Nissan, Mitsubishi and Honda @ $5.00 each = $225 (for a complete list) Call 505-469-1114
10/15/16 HPC switch blitz code cutting and duplicating machine complete with wheels and code book. 3,000.00
10/15/16 Super wedge pro universal pin kit. Very good condition. Used only for reference guide. I used another pin kit to repin 280.00
10/15/16 Ilco 008A mini mite key machine works great. 300.00
10/15/16 Government steel warded lock picks. New 25.00
10/15/16 Southford 32 piece pick set. New 85.00
10/15/1 Great set of auto jigglers never used. 25.00
10/15/16 10 piece punch and chisel set never used brand new 20.00
10/15/16 New pocket jackknife lock pick 40.00
10/15/16 Hpc switch blitz machine with card book.$1,699. perfect condition.
10/15/16 Im looking to buy a Framon Sidewinder 2. Also, I have a JMA TRS5000 for sale for $750.
10/15/16 Blitz HPC1200 For sale for $750 in perfect working condition with 1011 cutter and a few cards for cars, ford, GM, Chrysler and more..Call 917-912-6059.
10/15/16 I would like to purchase a hpc little mac card making system or a conti card making system. 937-644-0281
10/15/16 HPC 1200 punch great shape cuts smooth,comes with cutter 47/1011/ 14/ also has 120 code cards ,micro cards, and tool kit no problems just dont use it anymore, $1100.00 plus shipping . call 828-448-0833
10/15/16 I'm searching for a used or discounted High security machine.... Silca Futura Key Machine,Keyline Ninja or 3d Extreme Pro. Anyone willing to part with theirs? Thanks.
10/15/16 Looking to buy HPC 1200 and a MVP Pro. Call 231-357-6126
10/15/16 Looking to buy Adrian steel locksmith setup & similar drawers / cabinets for MB Sprinter. As well interested in EEPROM equipments PM ME . Email or txt 480-444-9881.
10/18/16 Hi there, I am looking for a used MVP pro my budget is 1800$-2000$ if you see something let my know TNX
10/18/16 I want to buy an MVP Pro.
10/19/16wanted old MB ignition locks.can be the key operated switch type[usually Bosch] or steering lock style,even rough/missing parts/no key/etc. .Also want old SBB programmer.Any SKP-900?Any MB original key stock?In biz 34yrs
10/19/16 Looking for a MVP pro or any other key programs text me at 8065767605 thanks
10/21/16 Looking for an ITL 2000 Auto dialer.
10/21/16 ILCO MINI MITE 800 12VOLT recently had factory tune up by ILCO, new cutting wheel $$400
10/21/16 WTB: ZEDFULL, SILCA ULTRACODE, Genuine Hyundai or Kia GDS VCI Interface, Red or Blue OK.
10/21/16 Looking for tri code key line Etc to cut laser keys by code.
10/21/16 Ilco duplicator for most popular brands of keys. "Cuts perfectly". $375.00. Call 301 788 5716 and I can send pictures or email: Great buy.
10/24/16 MICRPPOD by A E Tools. This is the dealer level tool that can program the Fiat based Chrysler keys starting in 2015. (Chrysler 200 and Jeep Grand Cherokee). I paid $3500 6 months ago but will sell for $ me at
10/26/16 Looking to buy Ez flasher or any kind of reflash tool text me 650-455-1979
10/26/16 Independent Lock Co. 2187CH key duplicator. Cuts perfect. Great antique for a shop or just to use. $250.00 plus Shipping. Text 208-589-2653. Can send pictures.